29.08.2019 – Meetup: Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Container Registry

Mohit Chhabra – Intro Session The first Session with a handy walkthrough is held by Mohit Chhabra.He is working as Software Engineer at medialesson GmbH, Germany. He is currently Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Microsoft Azure and former leader of BDotnet (India’s Biggest offline community).He has deliver more than 50 sessions in the community and international conferences. Prior to this, Mohit was Microsoft Student Partner and Mozilla Student Representative. He …


Azure DEV Meetup Munich

Welcome to your Azure Dev Community! During the past years we were looking for a community about Azure development and it felt like lost in space. For sure, there are amazing communities of several coding languages and they do very well, like our buddies from the .Net Meetup, but the Azure portion of development was always to short. With the Azure Meetup Munich we seemed to be addressed now. But, …