In July we had our very first Azure Dev Munich Meetup and of course we had a great topic right away for our inaugural talk. Patrick and Ralf of doubleSlash presented their proof of concept on how to build a smart IoT solution to spot free parking spaces and let the driver know even before reaching the parking area.

At the heart of this project lies the LoRa WAN technology which allows you to transmit data over huge distances and even through concrete walls like you would find in a parking garage. This combined with Azure IoT Edge and several other Azure services made it a great showcase for our first meetup.

All the technical details regarding this project can be found here.

Thank You!

Since this was our very first meetup we wanted to thank everyone who showed up and started this new Meetup journey with us! We were amazed by the great turnout and it really encouraged us to double down on this project.

With around 20 people the first Azure Dev Munich Meetup was a great success

Also a huge shoutout to doubleSlash – they not only provided us with the location but also spoiled us with Pizza & drinks. Thanks a lot!

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