Azure DEV Meetup Munich

 Azure DEV Meetup Munich

Welcome to your Azure Dev Community!

During the past years we were looking for a community about Azure development and it felt like lost in space.

For sure, there are amazing communities of several coding languages and they do very well, like our buddies from the .Net Meetup, but the Azure portion of development was always to short.

With the Azure Meetup Munich we seemed to be addressed now. But, as you may imagine, Azure is so a big platform with tons of topics, that developing was here also a short story.

Just do it!

So – we thought about founding a community dedicated to Azure and their developers – you! And here you are! We founded the Azure DEV Meetup Munich to address our topics all around development of Azure without limits to the coding Language. Azure is open for the most popular languages , so we are!

Over the next time, we will partner up with more Meetups like the ones listed here. Why is that? Well – Azure has so many services like IoT, AI and others where developers are wotking on. And on the other Hand, there are so many Meetups Focused on such topics – so we look to partner with them.

What’s next?

Our first Meetup took place already and was Sponsored by doubleSlash Net-Business GmbH and we are looking forward to our next Meetup on Augaust the 29th at medialesson.

Join us – be part of it!

In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter and on Meetup!

Founder of Azure Dev Meetup Munich

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