In this session we’ll go beyond hello world – what you need to know to run real apps on the most popular container orchestrator n Azure.

We’ll review a high-level overview of the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) service and Azure Container Registry (ACR). We will start with the basic concepts of Kubernetes followed by understanding how AKS is different from the vanilla Kubernetes.
Finally we’ll be setting up and deploying a real world app on AKS. Feel free to follow along!

About the speaker:
Mohit Chhabra is working as Software Engineer at medialesson GmbH, Germany. He is currently Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Microsoft Azure and former leader of BDotnet (India’s Biggest offline community). He has deliver more than 50 sessions in the community and international conferences. Prior to this, Mohit was Microsoft Student Partner and Mozilla Student Representative. He was also India’s first Azure Champion and first person to intern in Microsoft Technology Center.

This meetup will be hosted by medialesson, food and drinks will be provided. Please make sure you update your RSVP status 24h in advance so we don’t waste any food!