Joao Pedro Martins

Azure AI Rangers Lead for EMEA/Asia at Microsoft

13:15 - 14:00

Track IoT

Demystifying Video Analytics on the Edge

Video analytics is one of the key disrupting technologies in recent years – and more to come!
Streaming and analysing video streams in Realtime on the same device hasn’t been possible for a long time due to insufficient computing power of edge devices. In recent years, with the rise of AI and the increased maturity of AI tooling, suddenly Video Analytics could be done with the computing power of the cloud – and deployed to light edge devices.
In our Session, we would like to show you real demos, give you insights and best practices on Video Analytics scenarios backed by Microsoft Azure IoT and ML!
We will use a Jetson Nano device / Azure Percept to show you what’s possible and give you real practical advice how to kickstart the use of the technology with your customers!